MAYA is ISO 9001:2015 certified (and ISO 14001). The integration of our manufacturing department and our Quality Assurance Lab's engineering team enables us to ship your custom parts according to your specifications on every single order.


Quality Checking Process

01 Pre-manufacturing inspection

Before production begins on your products, MAYA will begin by performing a digital inspection of your CAD files and 2D manufacturing drawings. Our engineers and technicians will look for any potential errors or problems that may pose an issue in the production process, and work with your team to resolve these issues before production begins.

02 manufacturing inspection

During the CNC machining or other manufacturing processes, and during different operations or set ups, our operators will make random inspections of every part and will take measurements to be sure all dimensions are according to the tolerance of the drawings. If it is not ok, we will stop and remake the parts again. The objective of this intermediate inspection is to save time.

03 Post-manufacturing IQC inspection

All machined and sheet metal parts will receive a standard inspection report included in the part price and lead time.

In this report we will verify that the part material, features, and finish are in accordance with the part requirements specified in the quote and/or CAD Drawing. If a dimensional print is provided, we will verify them.

If no CAD drawing is provided with the CAD file, QC measures to MAYA's Manufacturing Standards on dimensions we deem critical, such as overall size, holes, and depths. In this case this documentation will not be shipped with your parts.

Post-delivery non-conformance communication or RMA requests should be documented with detailed description and sent by email to us.

Metrology Equipment

Our metrology equipment is:

In-line CAD stations for the technicians

Coordinate measurement machine (CMM)

Ring and thread gauges

Gage blocks and gage pins

Assortment of micrometers and calipers

Roughness gauges

Inclinometers and levels

Chemical analysis of materials

Ultrasonic Hardness tester

Angle Protractors and rules

Flatness measurement


Manufacturing standards

The General tolerances for linear and angular dimensions of the parts produced by MAYA Prototypes are summarized in the tables below. They follow the international standard ISO 2768-1:

Medium "m" for CNC machined plastic parts.
Fine "f" for CNC machined metal parts.

If smaller tolerances are required, such tolerances should be indicated in your technical drawings. Tolerances up to 0.02mm are available upon request. Defining tight tolerances raises the cost of CNC.


Nominal sizes

Tolerance f

Tolerance m

0.5 - 6mm

± 0.05 mm

± 0.10 mm

6 - 30mm

± 0.10 mm

± 0.20 mm

30 - 120mm

± 0.15 mm

± 0.30 mm

120- 400mm

± 0.20 mm

± 0.50 mm


± 0.30 mm

± 0.80 mm


Nominal sizes

Tolerance f & m

hasta 10mm


10 - 50mm


50 - 120mm


120- 400mm


Más de 400mm